Prepper Festival Workshops

Kendra canning workshop

Workshops are first come, first seated.  Attendees may stand as long as safety precautions for emergency exit and fire codes are observed.


All workshops will be held in the Consignment Shop to the right of The Hutch on Main restaurant (in past years, it was referred to as the bingo hall).

Workshop schedule

Start End Speaker Topic
9:00 9:55 Hank Wallace Ham Radio for Preparedness
10:00 10:55 Sara Muncy Essential Oils for Preparedness
11:00 11:55 David Jones A Practical Guide to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare
12:00pm 12:55pm John Ainsworth A Call to Thrive, not just Survive
1:00pm 1:55pm Prepper Cookoff
2:00pm 2:55pm Jason Matyas Build Food Storage that Your Family will Eat (and Love)
3:00pm 3:55pm John Ratliff Suturing and Wound Closure: Classroom
4:00pm 4:55pm John Ratliff Suturing and Wound Closure: Lab


Workshop Details

Build Food Storage that Your Family will Eat (and Love)

We’ve lost the strength of our grandparents – Food Storage – and this workshop will educate you on how you can regain that strength by building your own food storage system, as well as provide easy, practical options for building your food storage with your existing food budget.

A Call to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Historian and legal activist, John Ainsworth, brings a unique legal remedy, already in progress, to unite the people and restore America and her founding principles of limited government and state-rights.

Ham Radio for Preparedness

Preparedness Radio Communications teaches how to use licensed and unlicensed communications options to extend and strengthen your community in times of emergency.

Suturing and Wound Closure

Imagine yourself in a grid down situation where you or a loved one suffers a serious laceration. What would you do? This workshop is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to perform basic wound closure.

Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

At this workshop, you’ll learn why essential oils are an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of a prepper’s prep, and how easy it is to incorporate into your plan.