Preparedness radio communications is about strengthening and expanding your community! And ham radio is the most powerful tool for communicating in grid down situations. Even the government turns to radio amateurs when their systems are not working or are overloaded!


This workshop teaches what ham radio is all about, how to get a ham radio license, and what ham’s do to facilitate emergency communications. Hams have been providing emergency communications for almost a hundred years. Many hams are naturally preppers because of this emphasis, and many preppers have become hams. Ham radio provides free training and experience in emergency communications that you just can’t get elsewhere.

Getting your license is easier than ever before. There is no need to learn Morse code, and all the test questions and answers are legally published online. Many books and videos are available.

Come to this workshop to see some demonstrations, learn what ham radio is all about, and optionally sign up for a FREE ham radio licensing class.

This workshop is taught by Hank Wallace from Prudent Supply.