What some are seeing as a political reform, others may translate as just more of the same. Are we truly rolling back to limited forms of government? Or rather, has the current political environment merely granted us a slight reprieve from the conditions to which we’ve grown accustomed? If a reprieve, does this present us with an opportunity to do more than just survive until the next shift?

One-hundred fifty years after congressional Reconstruction followed the American Civil War, Americans are still fighting over nationalized civil rights and national powers which once were exclusively determined at the state level. America is divided, and the pressure relief of state rights is more limited than ever before.

In this presentation, 20-year historian, legal activist and founder of America’s Remedy, John Ainsworth, explains the untold political perspective behind the Civil War and Reconstruction, and how these acts single-handedly overthrew our founding principles and our lawful states. And finally, John brings a unique legal remedy, already in progress, which will UNITE the people and restore America and her founding principles of limited government and state-rights.