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US Cooperative – Mission Statement:

US Cooperative is now forming a Not-For-Proft purchasing cooperative that works to help its members obtain goods and services at the best possible prices from individuals, and businesses, who adhere to high standards of Honesty and Integrity, and agree to sign our Individual / Business Code Of Ethics.

US Cooperative exists to serve its members needs personally, and financially, and will be operated as a democratically controlled cooperative that strives to develop a true cooperative community and establish local chapters and member operated warehouse / stores locally and nationwide.
US Cooperative – Goals:

1. US Coop will support the needs of Individual Members, Business Members, while finding new ways to save money, and work together to support our local community.

2. US Coop will help members obtain consumer and other business information so that we can more easily find reputable and honest companies to patronize.

3. US Coop will offer opportunities for members to pool their purchasing power so we together can better negotiate discounts on food, supplies and other services from large and small companies locally, and nationwide.

4. US Coop will help members set up local warehouses where members can meet and obtain food, supplies, and other personal and business services.

5. US Coop will help members network together to buy, sell, trade or barter with other members for goods and services.

6. US Coop will help members obtain reliable business advice from members who want to provide business planning and other services.

7. US Coop will help support members during periods of job loss, financial problems or other emergencies.

8. US Coop members are required to sign and adhere to our Individual / Business Code of Ethics.

See: – Contact: Lewis Hopkins

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80 Oriskany Square – Oriskany, Va 24130