Our vision for bringing our dream to fruition is demonstrated by the GetReady! Emergency Planning Center. We combine retail sales, education and training, and consulting into an integrated package for the community. At its core is trust, based on personal relationships.

Community is the key to successfully overcoming adversity. We intend to promote the sense of common purpose between individuals, families, groups, businesses, and government officials. By working together, we will meet any challenge.

GetReady!, in the heart of Hampton, can be easily accessed by the broader community. We will spread the word by establishing relationships at all levels of the community, to make it clear that preparation beforehand is preferable over rescue and recovery later.

We share a common purpose with the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, local emergency management offices, and first responders – disaster preparation and recovery.

Our perspective is different, though. We think emergency planning should begin with personal responsibility, rather than government dependency. When people, families, and communities lead the way through hard work and perseverance, we are all stronger.