Craig County Business Association

The Craig County Business Association is a privately funded organization devoted to the expansion and teamwork of small businesses within Craig County.  It is the primary sponsor and organizer of the Prepper Festival and other street festival events in New Castle.

Doomsday Tactical Supply

Doomsday Tactical Supply

After being involved in the prepping community for several years I decided to turn my passion into a business. We are locally owned and operated in the Roanoke Valley. We are a Licensed FFL dealer and carry a variety of firearms, tactical gear, survival gear, and preparedness supplies. Our goal is to get you the right choices for your protection and preparedness needs. The next time you are in the area stop in and check us out or just say hello.

Beyond Off Grid Summit

Beyond Off Grid

Beyond Off Grid is a documentary film and media project devoted to inspiring and equipping you to Return to the Old Paths of sustainable self-reliant living.

Our documentary film informs why you need to reduce your dependence on modern systems.  Our online and video training brings you experts and experienced homesteaders to teach the skills needed to survive and thrive with a more self-reliant lifestyle.

Watch the film trailer, sign up to watch the film intro for free, and get info on future free training opportunities.  Learn more about Beyond Off Grid.

Thrive Life

Thrive Life freeze dried foods are the ultimate in healthy preparedness food storage. Learn how you can make eating healthier easier every day, and be better prepared for emergencies with food storage that lasts for 25 years, yet is perfect for everyday eating.

You can learn more about Thrive Life food here.

US Law Shield

US Law Shield

U.S. Law Shield is the leading firearms legal defense program in the country, providing its members with access to its program attorneys for legal representation for no additional attorneys’ fees following the use of weapon in a self-defense situation. Nearly a quarter of a million members trust U.S. Law Shield to protect their freedom.

Learn more on the U.S. Law Shield website.

Seeds for Generations

Seeds for Generations is a local family business that provides organic heirloom garden seeds and inspiration for families to garden together and produce more of their own food.  Their passion is to inspire and equip families to grow more of their own food to live healthier and more self-reliant lifestyles.  See their heirloom seed selection online.

The Emporium

The Emporium is a unique and welcoming store, where cheerful staff are always ready to serve you.  From the 1924 National Cash Register to the goods they carry, a visit to The Emporium will give you a glimpse into the “good old days.” First and foremost a captivating bookstore, The Emporium carries books on American history, gardening, self-sufficiency, cookbooks, firearms, military history, classic reading and much more.  But they also carry historical flags and documents, natural health products, garden seeds, bulk grains, food storage, camping equipment, and much more.

Come in to visit The Emporium the next time you’re in New Castle, or visit them online.